World Professional Tribute Artists Association


The professional organisation of Tribute Artists who operate in

the Tribute Entertainment Industry and Closely Related Areas.



The Association, founded in 2010 In London England, it exists to promote the interests and protect the welfare of its Membership of Tribute Artists World Wide.


It aims: to induce unity of action; to promote and maintain a friendly, professional and harmonious relationship between fellow Members Tribute artistes, other performers and all buyers of talent and entertainment services.


The Association will try to provide  advice and guidance to Members of the Association relative to any matter affecting their professional character or interests whether directly or indirectly.


All members of the association agree to be bound a code of professional conduct


Members will carry out their professional bookings and other activities as a Tribute Artist to the highest standard possible.

Any conduct or behaviour deemed un-professional, will lead to removal as a member of the association*


We aim to work Closely together with existing Convention and Tribute Organisations throughout the World to bring complete Togetherness to this industry.

World Professional Tribute Artists Association

Now The Good Bit:

To ALL Professional Tribute Artist registration is FREE:

Conditions of Acceptance:

 You Must be a Professional Working Tribute and Perform more than a minimum of 52 times in a year.


You will Receive your own unique Membership Number and a logo to use on your website to Show.

You will be part of The Worlds Largest Database of Tribute Artists

There will be a Members Forum to discuss Issues, Concerns and Experiences  with Fellow Tributes Artists

As a Member of the Association you will instil Confidence into the Booker or Venue

You Will Have your own Profile Page where your biography, Jpegs and Video* (you tube or Google Video can be added)  or Mp3. Together with your contact details as much as you wish to give.

This association will also be a Great Place for Venues and Bookers to Contact an Act that they need in an instant.

There will be a Section for Costumiers, Wig makers and other industries involved in The Tribute World to put their information on the site. This will Help Tribute Artists  who are Looking for are looking for a new costume or Wig to enhance their show.

*There will be a Very small fee for Costumiers, Wig makers, Equipment Suppliers and other industries involved in The Tribute World to register.

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World Professional Tribute Artists Association

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World Proffessional Tribute artist association

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Johnny Cash and friends

Johnny Cash! The Man in Black! His career and life has been so inspirational to so many people. The music of Johnny Cash is timeless. In 2006, he was the second highest in music sales internationally, outselling Beatles, Elvis, and others! Johnny’s career and life has been so inspirational to so many people.With the mention of his name, each of us can call up a memory of this international superstar. Johnny Cash has worn many hats over the years; a talented performer, songwriter, family man, artist, author, Bible scholar, and above all, a patriotic American.Ric Herrington is 'Cash Back' and brings the legend back to life. Cash Back is an internationally acknowledged tribute to the music and character of Mr Johnny Cash, with that bright and snappy boom chicka boom music. Cash Back performs the Cash classics in character with the subtle power of the Man in Black. Walk the Line with a Boy Named Sue when Cash Back brings the rhythm, rhymes, and stories back to life. Outdoo!

r road show appearances in 2007 brought a surprisingly uplifting atmosphere to audiences with this tribute to Johnny Cash even in dreary weather! Four years after the death of this legendary artist, Ric has noticed more and also younger audiences loving the music of Johnny Cash, with an enthusiastic zeal.Ric is often stopped on the street, especially if wearing all-black, and told how much he looks like Johnny Cash. The shock comes when he speaks. He speaks and sings with that same mid-western American southern-fried baritone that millions of Cash's fans have come to know and love. "You're going to put Johnny Cash out of work" was a recent comment from a retired gentleman after a local outdoor performance. "You sound more like Johnny Cash than Johnny Cash", was another reaction from a high school student who was helping out during a charity care home appearance.Ric says, "I try to capture the true heartbeat in the songs. I don't consider myself an impersonator. I have s!

pent time with the stories behind the songs and try to put tha!

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d when performing live. Johnny Cash connected with audiences in an amazing way with that obvious passion for whatever he was singing. It's truly an honour to be able to pay tribute to this historic performer, and his family."Cash Back is one of a handful of authentic Johnny Cash tribute artists that exist worldwide, and is based in Scotland. His deep powerful baritone voice and skilful playing of the acoustic guitar and harmonica combine for an experience that will not soon be forgotten.His show is sure to get those boots a scootin' and yehaaa's a hootin' and will bring the house down! It's time to 'Walk the Line'... here is Cash Back as the legendary Johnny Cash!

Ric Herrington 29 Lismore Drive Paisley PA2 8JD

UK 07518374201

[email protected]

Ric as Johnny Ric as Johnny (2) Ric as Johnny (4) Ric as Johnny (5)