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The Association, founded in 2010 In London England, it exists to promote the interests and protect the welfare of its Membership of Tribute Artists World Wide.


It aims: to induce unity of action; to promote and maintain a friendly, professional and harmonious relationship between fellow Members Tribute artistes, other performers and all buyers of talent and entertainment services.


The Association will try to provide  advice and guidance to Members of the Association relative to any matter affecting their professional character or interests whether directly or indirectly.


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Members will carry out their professional bookings and other activities as a Tribute Artist to the highest standard possible.

Any conduct or behaviour deemed un-professional, will lead to removal as a member of the association*


We aim to work Closely together with existing Convention and Tribute Organisations throughout the World to bring complete Togetherness to this industry.

World Professional Tribute Artists Association

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Nigel John is one of the leading tributes to Sir Elton John in the UK. This is due to a quirk of fate that Nigel actually resembles the man himself, especially in the 90's period.  But the fact that Nigel is a classically trained musician is of course no quirk of fate. The show touches on all Elton's greatest hits, and even delves into his Bluesology period. After many years of highs and lows it is now evident that only the very best can survive in the tribute market. Theatres, festivals and the discerning concert goers are no longer prepared to part with hard earned money for anything less than perfection. This is an area that has seen the likes of T Rextasy, The Bootleg Beatles, The Bootleg Shadows and Bjorn Again thrive. We are happy to be able to add Nigel John to this list, because quite frankly, other than seeing Elton John himself, you cannot get any closer. Nigel has the mannerisms, the outfits, the voice and the looks of Elton and like the great man himself, the ability to keep an audience enthralled for two hours. Nigel’s musical training began in 1975 when he became a chorister at The Abbey School, Tewkesbury. He subsequently studied piano and organ under the late Michael Peterson and took his first position as organist at Holy Trinity, Tewkesbury, at the age of 16. Over the next few years he honed his song writing and composing skills working in several bands, and was responsible for much of the production of the material they used. Nigel turned professional in October 1993, where until August 2005, he worked as a church Music Director in Loughborough. In that time, he led the music for numerous events and also wrote and produced the music to two musicals, ‘Love & War’, which premiered at Loughborough Town Hall in June 2000 and ‘From Darkness to Light’, a Christmas show which was first performed a year later. Nigel has played with his Elton John Tribute show in both the UK and France, with his music being used as wide spread as Hungary and the USA. He is regarded by those in t!

he know

as 'THE' best Elton Tribute. Nigel’s interest in Elton John actually began after the tragic death of rock legend Freddie Mercury, and after Elton’s new ‘hair-do’, it became very apparent that they looked very similar. Nigel has just signed to a management company to develop not only his Elton John show, which quite frankly doesn’t need developing, but to also establish him in his own right. His planned future CD release is expected to capture his finest work, and Nigel has often been described as an amazing talent. ‘The Best Of Me’ will includes a couple of re-arranged ‘classics’, two or three of Elton’s hits; (we’ll leave you to guess which ones), alongside a collection of Nigel’s much loved, and newer songs. We can assure you that this is one show that must not be missed, the quality and content are simply the best - Nigel is simply the best Oh no that’s Tina Turner lol.


Nigel John

SIR elton john

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[email protected]


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